Thursday, October 21, 2010


A few days ago I wrote this, but I couldn't post it because my blog was down. Jamie helped me get it back and running so here is my post:
Yesterday I got a text that said: “Today is a great day to start getting yourself positive for the 10/10/10 day coming up. Whatever you focus on that day- you get more!”
When I received this text it made me smile because I wasn’t even aware that there was a 10/10/10 coming. I would have hated missing out on living through something that exciting. It also saw a great opportunity to practice the habit of being positive. If I practice for 2 days, I will be prepared to be positive for a whole day, and the pay off will be big! What if I made this a habit everyday. I wonder if whatever I focus on I get back 10 fold could be true every day and I don’t need these magic numbers to make it happen. I can use these three “10’s” to remind me that it is happening all of the time – 24/7 – TEN FOLD! What would that be like?...

a) Every time I see someone living out their dream,and I feel jealous... I am reminded that I too have been blessed with dreams that I am living right now, and many more that are being created and beginning to manifest.
b) When have to drive carpool again... I am reminded how blessed I am to share this moment in time and space as a mother, with awesome kids.
c) When I don’t have the money that I need to buy what I want right now... I am reminded of the wonderful blessing of “things” that I do have right now.
d) When my husband is too busy or gone... I am reminded of how blessed I am to have a husband who is so willingly provides for me and is a man of stellar character & service.
e) When I’m at my wits ends with anxiety, frustration, lack of inspiration, fighting, low self-esteem, etc… I am reminded that my Heavenly Father understands and wants to hear all about it. He will give me comfort, guidance, inspiration and a listening ear.
f) Whenever I feel fat and ugly, I am reminded of the wonderful blessing that my body is and how well it has, and continues to serve me. I am also reminded that the way that I am looking at it may not be true.
I honestly do love being alive when a magical number like this crosses the calendar. I also love being reminded of the wonderful life that I enjoy simply by focusing on the positive part of my life.